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A research on the houyhnhnms in gullivers travels by jonathan swift

The novel takes a dim view of the pretensions to power and authority he saw in his own time. The novel is particularly critical of the pursuit of knowledge purely for its own sake without any consideration for real human life. The novel is takes the reader on a series of journeys to fictional lands made up of creatures which are monstrous, comic, and beautiful.

In many ways, the novel is an example of the utopian novel now familiar in literature. It is a depiction of magical place which does not exist where all ideas can be explored without the bounds of conventional reality.

  • The Houyhnhnms embody both the good and the bad side of reason, for they have the pure language Swift wished for and the amorally rational approach to solving the problems of humanity Yahoos ; the extirpation of the Yahoo population by the horses is very like the speaker of A Modest Proposal;
  • Important Themes Might versus Right Throughout the novel the reader is confronted with images of brute strength in contest with what is right;
  • Gulliver remarked that "she behaved herself at our house as cheerfully as the rest";
  • Their superior ways give rise to a society of reason and virtue;
  • They have philosophy and a language that is entirely free of political and ethical nonsense.

Lemuel Gulliver returns home after three and a half years at sea. He marries and sets up his practice. Since he cannot sustain himself from practicing medicine he returns to sea. He again comes home and sets up another medical practice, which also fails. He contemplates over-charging patients to maintain himself and his wife but he is an honest man and decides to return to sea.

While heading into the East Indies the ship encounters a storm. The ship sinks and Gulliver is the only survivor. He swims to a nearby island and falls asleep as soon as he reaches the shore. While he is sleeping he is bound by the inhabitants of the island: He wakes up to find his situation. At first they attack him with tiny arrows which are little more than pin pricks to Gulliver.

The inhabitants eventually give him food and take him to their emperor. He discovers he is on the island of Lilliput. The emperor soon realizes the Gulliver, with his massive size, could be a resource for the Lilliputians.

Gulliver is enlisted into a war being wages between Lilltput and their enemies from Blefuscu. The war has been raging over a disagreement concerning how to properly crack and egg. In return for helping the Lilliputians defeat Blefescu, the emperor promises Gulliver full access to food and promises the entire staff of tailors to make him new clothes.

Blefescu mobilize 50 ships in order to invade Lilliput. Gulliver simply wades across the sea and breaks the entire navy of Blefescu, forcing them to surrender. In a well-intentioned attempt to help out further, Gulliver extinguishes a fire with his urine. As much as he becomes a hero to the emperor, he is also a villain to the jealous and scheming admiral of the Lilliputian navy, Skyresh, who schemes against Gulliver.

Skyresh manages to have Gulliver charged with treason after which he is sentenced to be blinded. Rather than destroy the Lilliputians, Gulliver decides to escape.

He manages to escape to Blefescu where he repairs a boat and sets sail for England. After being home in England with his wife for two months, Gulliver sets out again on another adventure.

This time he reaches the land of the Giants, Brobdingnag.

Why did Swift make the houyhnhnms look like horses in part 4?

A worker in field discovers him. At first, the farmer thinks little of Gulliver and treats as something of a pet. Eventually, the farmer sells Gulliver to the Queen. Gulliver in turn finds his place and privilege in the royal court fairly easy but he does not particularly like it. He finds the Brobdingnagians to be disgusting due to the fact that their enormous size amplifies all of their bodily functions. When allowed to dance on the naked bodies of the women, he finds their enormous pores to be repulsive and the sound of their torrential urinating is disgusting to him.

Everything about a research on the houyhnhnms in gullivers travels by jonathan swift with the Brobdingnagians is repulsive to Gulliver.

Even his life becomes endangered by the enormous animals. The insects leave disgusting slime on food and he is unable to eat. What is more, he finds the Brobdingnagians to be ignorant.

So much so that even the king is ignorant of politics. Eventually, on a trip to the country with the royals, his cage is picked up by an eagle and dropped into the sea. He is rescues by an English ship and returns again to England. After ten days at home, Gulliver is again invited to sea by the captain of the Gladwell. On this voyage Gulliver finds himself in command of a sloop which encounters a storm. They are captured by pirates. With the help of one of the pirates Gulliver is allowed to paddle off in a canoe.

While wandering at sea, Gulliver encounters an island floating in the air. The inhabitants lower a chain and draw him up. The people of this island are described as looking very strange: Their heads were all reclined, either to the right, or the left; one of their eyes turned inward, and the other directly up to the zenith.

Their outward garments were adorned with the figures of suns, moons, and stars; interwoven with those of fiddles, flutes, harps, trumpets, guitars, harpsichords, and many other instruments of music, unknown to us in Europe.

He is escorted to the palace of the king located at the top of the island.

Gulliver’s Travels

The king addresses him in a language Gulliver does not know. Gulliver discovers that the inhabitants are all scholars who study nothing but theoretical mathematics and music.

Their language is based on these two disciplines and they know of nothing else. As a result, their homes, politics, and government are a mess. The people live in fear of their world being destroyed by the sun.

After a time, Gulliver asks to leave the island. He is eventually lowered onto the island of Balnibari. Gulliver finds that the people of Balbinari learned some of the mathematics from the floating island.

They attempted to recreate this system of learning and now have academies in every town. Since the people of Balbinari learned only a little, everything is mistaken and wrong.


They are attempting to extract sunbeams from cucumbers and turn feces into food. They have lost their ability to do anything practical or useful. Gulliver takes a short trip to nearby islands. He visits Glubbdubdrib and Luggnagg. On Glubbdubdrib he finds magicians who are able to conjure famous historical figures. The magicians conjure the entire Roman Senate. When he visits Luggnagg, Gulliver meets Strulbrugs: Some live on in eternal youth, while others grow old and infirm.

Eventually Gulliver finds his way all the way to Japan where he encounters a Dutch ship which takes him home again to England. After several months sailing to the South Seas the men on board mutiny and set Gulliver adrift on a longboat.

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He drifts to a land inhabited by the Houyhnhmns, creatures which are intelligent horses. The island is also inhabited by Yahoos, creatures with human faces but which walk on all fours and are partially covered with hair. Gulliver is soon surrounded by Yahoos. Some of the Yahoos climb a nearby tree and begin defecating on him but he is rescued by two Houyhnhmns. They take Gullvier back to their house where Gulliver sees cows working as domestic servants.

Behind the house there are several Yahoos tied by their necks who are feeding on dead dogs and other animals.

Gulliver eventually learns the language and customs of the Houyhnhmns. He admires the gentle nature and civilized ways of the Houyhnhmns, but over time they become suspicious of him.

They fear he will blend in with the Yahoos and lead them to rebellion. He builds a canoe and makes a sail from Yahoo skins and sails to a nearby rocky island. He is eventually rescued by a Portugese ship, which takes him all the way to Lisbon.

Gulliver then makes his way back to England for the last time. Characters and Analysis Lemuel Gulliver An unremarkable and average man who lacks imagination.

The Lilliputians Tiny people of no more than six inches. Full of self-importance and small minded ideas. They are petty and greedy, motivated by hypocrisy and selfishness. The Lilliputians are central to Swiftian satire. Humans are filled with self-importance and see themselves as the pinnacle of creation when in fact they are small and insignificant in the great scheme of things.

Yet, the self-importance of human endeavor is capable of driving schemes which are dangerous and even deadly. The corruption of justice seen in the Lilliputians is analogous to the same corruption in the ruling elites at the time. Lord Walpole and his court who seek justice in the blind cruelty of the court.

The point is that the small rulers, cloaked in grand titles and pedigrees, are only powerful by virtue of their ruthless cruelty and reckless abuse of authority. In reality, they are small men a research on the houyhnhnms in gullivers travels by jonathan swift no substance. He becomes jealous of Gulliver after his defeat of Blefescu. Not concerned with what is best, he is motivated by his own ambitions.