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Do you prefer to live in a city or small town

  • Since there are a variety of facilities in the big cities, people can do their daily works without any problems;
  • Summing up, in spite of all these disadvantages, living in a city is more exciting, interesting and never dull for me;
  • Which place would you prefer to live in?
  • I will have chances to study at a big university so that I can gain knowledge and accumulate experience.

Hire Writer There are also job opportunities that have special training and higher education, creating a chance for higher wages and more promotions such as headquarters for corporations.

Also, the crime rate in a big city is very high.

Would you like to live in a big city or small town?

Sometime people choose to live in a small town because of that reason. It is always said that to live in a smaller community is always safer. Education is one of the reasons for living in a big town or city.

Both cities and small towns have good and bad schools. However, there are a lot of options in a big city. Most small towns have one or two high schools. On the other hand, a big city has more schools than that.

Would you prefer to live in a city or in a village? Why?

In a big city, you have the option for your career making field. A Big city has universities, colleges and schools. Because of that you can go to more sporting venues, like NBA Basketball games, NBA Football games, as well as many minor league or major league sporting events.

  • To sum up from what I have discussed, we can draw a safely conclusion that, the advantages of living in big cities outweigh the disadvantages of it;
  • Use specific reasons and details to support your answer.

Small towns offer you local high school sports. Cities also have all sorts of music festivals, comedy festivals, and other events that happen on a fairly regular basis. Furthermore, Small towns rarely have a formal public transportation system. People must need to buy their own vehicle or depend on others for a ride. Owning your own vehicle is helpful. However, after that it will start to cost for costly gas and insurance.

A Big city has multiple forms of public transportation like taxis, cabs, and a bus system. You can always use a public transportation for reasonable price. At the same time, many people are attracted to small town life. If you are active in town events such as school functions, hometown sports games, fairs and festivals and local politics. These allow a relationship to grow inside and outside of your immediate family. The population in a big city is always larger.

Where would you prefer to live? Small town or Big city; existence of facilities

That can give you a feeling that you are lost or unimportant. With this erratic lifestyle, it is less likely you will see your family regularly.

Life in Small Town vs Life in a City Essay

In the end, both a city and a small town have advantages and disadvantages. As I said before, everyone has different thinking and points of view to choose a place for living a life.

  • At the same time, many people are attracted to small town life;
  • And finally, you have the opportunity to learn new lessons from the people who are living in your surroundings;
  • Some people prefer to live in small towns, others prefer big cities;
  • Also, the crime rate in a big city is very high;
  • To begin with, people prefer to live places where there are a lot of jobs opportunities;
  • Small towns offer you local high school sports.

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