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From hierarchy to teamwork leading the change

Health care professional development: Working as a team to improve patient care

The coaching sessions were personally very valuable. I was very impressed with what you put together and how you delivered it, especially given all the moving parts. We truly believe that your unique creative approach is highly effective. Also, thanks for leaving us with a solid base for taking the results of the day further.

It was an informative, thought-provoking and engaging conference. The programme was well thought-out and allowed us to deliver our messages easily. There was a great deal of energy in the room and we were very impressed with the openness and frankness of the discussion. You really helped me to deal with a period that I found very stressful.


It was exactly what I was expecting and hoped for. We are clear on the opportunities to improve and useful lessons have been learned.

Teamwork and high performance work organisation

The work we did using actors was excellent. I realised some critical Boardroom behaviours that I need to change to be more powerful. The feedback on your facilitation has been very positive; delegates really liked how you challenged them and pushed them to advance to breakthrough moments!

  • The development of new forms of work organisation, including teamwork, was even supported by government initiatives;
  • Honesty is critical to continuous development and for maintaining the mutual trust, which is prerequisite for a high-functioning team;
  • The principal conditions are sufficient autonomy for teams and direct participation by team members;
  • But depending on their purpose and intent, they might rely more on coordination or cooperation than on collaboration;
  • View in article Ashley Goodall, personal communication to the authors, February 11, 2016;
  • Many companies have already moved away from functional structures:

She continuously reminded me of the qualities I have and through these coaching sessions, I found myself expressing myself more candidly to colleagues at all levels. I was impressed how you managed to keep a big group engaged.

The balance between theory and practical work through roleplay and coaching with the actors was perfect and the best I have experienced from this type of training.

  • These are used to track and improve performance immediately and put strategies for the future;
  • Especially when it's anonymous;
  • The supervisors of teams also report somewhat more positively about the extent to which the team develops new products or services, although the association is very weak.

I now see many ways for us to make conflict possible and positive from here on. I think it was great value-add. I will definitely be using the methodology we devised, and will blatantly borrow your insightful analogies to paint a clear picture! Thanks again for all your help. The two of you were an amazing team. As a regional leadership team we managed to achieve everything I wanted out of the day, which with the conflicting opinions of the senior management was a minor miracle.

I really appreciate your direction and guidance throughout this process from design to delivery, it led to an excellent outcome. Still some way to go, but a good start… becoming much more cohesive and honest as a leadership team.

  • It was an informative, thought-provoking and engaging conference;
  • Team members may be unclear about tasks at this stage;
  • Effective team leaders facilitate, coach and coordinate the activities of other team members;
  • Pay and performance determination and different aspects of reorganisation promote a process optimisation that is actively supported by the employees;
  • Participation in accountability among individual team members and multi-skilling are important preconditions of team effectiveness;
  • The advantage of teamwork is significant productivity growth in the spheres that require creative solving of different tasks, a high degree of adaptability and operational management.

We are all joking about whether we should be doing something or not, or pulling each other up on it. It has certainly made an impact. A [Pharmaceutical Industry] Quick Links.