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Modern means of communication have improved the quality of human life

How Tech Has Changed Our Lives

Travel Communication For many of us, communicating with family used to mean sending letters and cards through the mail and getting no response until weeks later. We'd pass hand-written notes to friends in class.

On top of that, there were no answering machines to leave messages if a person wasn't home, or Caller ID to screen calls if we didn't feel like picking up the phone.

And pay phones were the only option to call home if our car broke down on the side of the road, or if we had to stay after school. For the past decade or so, technology has transformed the way we communicate, in part due to the advent of the Internet.

Opinion Essay about how technology improve quality of human life

Instead of mailing letters, we're writing e-mails through Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail that can be sent instantaneously to a recipient.

We can even add multiple recipients to these e-mails, so that more than one person can read them.

  • You can sell products on the internet and can get money from the bank directly;
  • You can reduce your marketing cost by using online marketing automation applications;
  • In the final analysis, I think the benefits technology offers to improve the quality of life;;;
  • This can be a good change, but what about creativity and their brain development;
  • This can be the reasons, why engineers are doing suicide?

Even more, we can send greeting cards over the Web with sites like someecards. Sending a note to a friend can be done in a matter of seconds through instant message clients like AOL instant messenge and Meebo.

  • Technology is influencing youth;
  • Today, the ability to watch movies and shows on small screens like smartphones is good for families;
  • This is the truth;
  • It's true that technology has also made society somewhat impersonal;
  • Even tutors have experienced that change as it has become easier for them to reach their students.

With them, we can see if a "buddy" is available or away, talk to multiple people at a time, "wink" and "sigh" using emoticons, ignore a message if we don't feel like talking, and send links to our favorite Web articles and videos.

We are no longer bound to long-distance charges, either. Many folks have already kicked their landline phones to the curb and replaced them with Voice-over-Internet protocol VoIP and mobile phones.

We can place free video calls yes, we can see the person we're talking to to anyone in the world over the Internet by using Skype and a headset. For a monthly paid service we can make regular phone calls over the Internet using the popular Vonage service or signing up for VoIP through our cable company. Even text messaging has become an efficient way to get a short message across, such as "Meet you there at 8" or "I'll be home late.

Does Modern Technology Always Improve the Quality of People’s Lives Essay

It's true that technology has also made society somewhat impersonal. Here at PC Magazine we communicate with each other mostly through e-mail and instant message.

  1. You can upload it to clouds and access anywhere, anytime.
  2. The medical equipment's advances help process such as surgery in a way that was never possible before.
  3. The craze and disadvantages of taking selfies in the risky area are well known. Many teenagers and young adults are so addicted to their smartphones that being without a mobile device can result in instant boredom.

Technology tends to make communication drag out more than it has to, too; sometimes it's quicker to just get out of your seat and walk to the person, or simply pick up the phone. Even worse, younger generations have forgotten how to spell and write complete sentences due to the increased use of text messaging on mobile phones.

  • This is how technology is affecting our youth negatively;
  • Thank you so much!!!

The State Examination Commission out of Dublin, Ireland said in a report that in many cases, teenagers seemed "unduly reliant on short sentences, simple tenses, and a limited vocabulary" and that with the use of phonetic spelling and little or no punctuation, it's beginning to pose a threat to traditional conventions in writing, not to mention oral communication. In addition, we've seen how addicted people can become to their smartphones, like the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm 9530.

You've probably heard the term for it: It's as if we're afraid we'll miss something important or be out of the loop. If there isn't a group for BlackBerry addicts, there should be.

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