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The banking concept of education critical thinking

Leave a reply By Kimberly Gregory McGill Paulo Freire 1970 proposes that liberation requires critical consciousness and creative thought p. Unfortunately, this is something that is lacking in the Malawian education system and this was extremely apparent yesterday when working with some children in the After-school program. After having a long discussion about the six food groups included in the Malawian food guide and explaining the nutritional values of each, the students were asked to invent a fruit or vegetable that they had never seen before.

They were also asked to draw it, name it and explain its nutritional values. When I saw that many of them were drawing fruits and vegetables that we had discussed, I reinforced the fact that I wanted them to use their imagination, however only 2 students actually invented and named items that did not already exist.

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Today, they also demonstrated that they struggle with using their imagination. For instance, when the students were asked to act out what a plant needs to grow, they all imitated the same thing that the first group did. I discussed this phenomenon with my co-learner and he helped to elucidate what I had just observed. He explained to me that in the Malawian education system, most of the time, the students do not use their imagination to come up with things on their own because they are used to listening to the teacher and doing what they are told.

Thus, mutual activity and mutual exchange of knowledge is needed. The banking concept of education makes students passive and it limits creativity. It is based on the idea of learning facts and memorizing them.

The Issues With the Banking Concept of Education

The passivity that stems from the banking concept of education does not provide the students with the critical tools that are necessary to engage with the world. In other words, it does not provide them with the tools they need for their liberation. The teacher-student relationship in the banking concept places students in an inferior position; it requires them to turn to the teacher to acquire knowledge.

As a result, they have been conditioned to distrust themselves Freire, 1970, p.

Banking model of education

They lack the confidence to try and figure things out on their own and this was evident in the After-school program. This is evident when exploring the way in which it keeps the local people in the oppressive situation that they are in today. During my time here, I was to implement and construct a curriculum that continuously engages students in critical thinking.

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The more they engage in critical thinking, the better prepared they will to struggle for freedom and self-affirmation Freire, 1970, p. Furthermore, I do not want the students to be subservient to the teacher, but rather create a teacher-student partnership in which both contribute knowledge to the classroom.

This type of education has the power to change the current state of violent poverty in Malawi. Pedagogy of the oppressed.