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The history and foundation of cambridge city

It is also considered part of the "Golden Triangle", a geographical concentration of leading research universities.

University of Cambridge

As a collegiate university, Cambridge is unusual for having no campus and as such is essentially a group of 31 self-governing colleges coming under one Cambridge banner. Each college is a part of Cambridge while being largely independent.

They appoint their own teaching staff and fellows in each subject, decide which students to admit, provide the supervision teaching for undergraduates, and are responsible for the domestic arrangements and welfare of students and staff. Choosing the right college is crucial, both to ensure the student win a place, and also ensuring the degree is a successful one.

Cambridge has produced 89 Nobel winners to date, more than any other university, while Trinity College alone has produced more Nobel prize winners than France. University of Cambridge is also the third biggest landowner in the country, after the Queen and the Church of England.

Services for International Students Colleges are the main point of contact for students, and vary in their orientation arrangements. Alongside this, support is available from student societies and volunteer alumni groups, who run fresher parties throughout September to introduce students to each other and university life.

The International Student Team runs an orientation program at the start of each academic year to offer information about the university, plus offer the chance to meet other international students.

The group welcomes new international students as they arrive in the city, and social events are organised throughout the year.

  • In those days fairs were like markets but they were held only once a year for a period of a few days;
  • Cambridge was originally called Granta bryg Granta Bridge because the river it stands on was once called the Granta not the Cam;
  • Sedgwick Museum of Geology was founded in
  • A corn exchange where grain could be bought and sold was built in
  • Friars were like monks but instead of withdrawing from the world they went out to preach;
  • Most colleges own houses and flats within Cambridge, but can also offer rooms for undergraduates for all three years of study.

Accommodation Accommodation is served by each college individually, and varies strongly. Most colleges own houses and flats within Cambridge, but can also offer rooms for undergraduates for all three years of study. The Accommodation Service is also available to help organise private rented accommodation in the town. Location Cambridge is a large town in Cambridgeshire, about 80km north of London.

Cambridge is a small city and almost all of the colleges and departments are central to each other. A bus service connects them, while Cambridge is famed for being one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the country. By air, Cambridge is served by four major airports: Stansted, Luton, Heathrow and Gatwick. There are National Express coach services to Cambridge from all four airports. There are also direct trains from London which take about one hour.