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Vb programming digital e load vending machine

April 6, Review: I bet you do too.


With prepaid credits selling like pancakes in the text capital of the world, an e-loading business is definitely a profitable venture. Time to invest on an automated kiosk: The disadvantages of this method are: ULOAD is your one stop shop, interactive credit loading machine targeting the prepaid market.

Vb programming digital e load vending machine

Customers can purchase prepaid credits for: According to Druce, possible future services include: A dedicated backend online system or web portal makes it easier to check the inventory. ULOAD Machine Measuring only cm x 43cm, it occupies less than one square meter of space and only requires a power source to run.

Power consumption is only 12KwH per month, based on actual usage, amounting to P — electricity charge. Here are some awesome features to take note of: Deployed units at 1 Brgy.

  • Connect easily and safely control power from an arduino, raspberry pi, galileo or other micro- vending machines and signage controls multiple ac loads of up to 12 amps total may be con at no load, the;
  • For security reasons, the software tracks which supervisor last authorized limit changes;
  • This invention claims the priority of U;
  • Besides, we also have good securities, we think that it is a point that all of our customers also have to consider because all of the vending machines will be placed in the public places;
  • The amusement expo kicked off with an educational program and touchtunes for its new angelina digital brand vending products, sqwishland vending machine;
  • It is an object of the invention to maintain the key parameters and access data from more than one computer.

Burol Mandaluyong City, 2 Super 8 and 3 Mall. Customer Care Team In case you encounter a problem with the machine or did not receive your prepaid load, somebody will call you for assistance.

ULOAD Philippines boasts their helpful in-house outbound call center as their differentiating factor to its competitors.


Just call 02 or email customercare uload. Users can also contact the customer care team using the machine. What a way to keep customers and franchisees happy, right?

  1. Since one or more key may bring duplicate access audit data back to the same database, it is necessary to compare the new data received from the keys with the data presently in the database and discard the like data so duplicate access data is not stored. The sunshine period is not really different between the summer and winter.
  2. A key management system as in claim 21, wherein the software program includes computer-executable instructions for comparing the audit trails data received from the key with data stored in the database to determine whether the received audit trails data contains duplicate data that is duplicate to the data stored in the database, and removing the duplicate data before storing the received audit trails data into the database.
  3. In accordance with an aspect of the invention, it is advantageous to provide the capability of more than one docking station or cradle to service the same keys and vending machine locks. Just in case, your excess money will be stored as credits under your mobile number and will be in the system for days.
  4. A key management system as in claim 25, wherein the software program includes computer-executable instructions for presenting a user interface screen for a system administrator to add or delete a user having authority for setting operation limit parameters for electronic keys.
  5. A key management system as in claim 13, wherein the electronic data structure is stored on a transportable medium for delivery to the second key management station.

What I like most about the machine is the ease of usage. On-screen instructions available in English and Tagalog are pretty much straightforward that even those who are not used to touch screens can operate the machine.

It also gives out verbal instructions which is cool!


Step 1 — Select a service. Enter your mobile number. Enter your desired amount. Last step is to feed the machine with my money which it accepted without problems.

  • Preferred embodiments of this invention are described herein, including the best mode known to the inventors for carrying out the invention;
  • Enter your mobile number;
  • Another benefit of this configuration is the option of remote control and administration of database from a remote location;
  • It will make all customers feel better and easier when choosing items;
  • A key management system as in claim 18, where the software program includes computer-executable instructions for selecting and displaying operation limit parameters for a plurality of electronic keys;
  • It is an object of the invention to provide warning about possible lost keys.

It accepts anything from 1, 5 and 10 peso coins and 20, 50,and 1, peso bills. Verify your details and insert your money. Just in case, your excess money will be stored as credits under your mobile number and will be in the system for days. Invest P8, for a three-year contract and you get an initial load inventory of P10, refundable depending on your usage at the end of contract. The minimum monthly sales P18, might raise some brows but the key is choosing the good location — means more income for you and reducing your ROI as well.

Own as many units as you like!

  1. Such mechanical locks and keys have many disadvantages in terms of mechanical problems, security issues, and difficulties in managing the usage of the keys.
  2. In accordance with a feature of the invention, the database 35, software 34 and cradle 36 transceiver interface systems are limited for secure operation on only one particular computer 32 by means of registration.
  3. This feature works just like in ticket machines that widely use at the cinemas and train stations.
  4. An electronic key and management system in accordance with the invention has multiple advantages. Thus, the supervisor does not need to maintain key parameters on a routine basis, as they are automatically calculated at each refresh based on the database information for each key.

Download the Customer Information Sheetfill it up and send it mindmap.