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What is the fedex philosophy towards quality

See All Perks and Programs We asked FedEx Corporation to share a few programs they feel really capture what's unique about their workplace. Here is what they had to say. We are proud to use our unparalleled logistics expertise and global reach as a force for good. Ensuring that communities stay connected can be difficult when disasters strike or when nonprofit organizations lack the resources to fulfill their missions.

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From delivering life-sustaining supplies to providing in-kind shipping for nonprofit agencies, we connect resources to communities in need around the world. When disasters strike, FedEx responds. Team members, including drivers, pilots and operations teams, work around the clock to help deliver supplies, food, medicine and other services to stricken communities.

Our networks are often able to quickly reach cut-off communities and local economies while infrastructure recovers.

Our operations specialists have the expertise to direct supplies to locations where they are needed most.

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FedEx is dedicated to transforming lives and economies around the world and in the communities where we live and operate. Our community investment strategy is built on collaborating with trusted NGOs and nonprofit organizations to make meaningful and lasting impacts that align with our corporate priorities.

We invest in programs that foster entrepreneurship, create employment pathways for underserved populations, enhance sustainable transportation solutions, make our roads safer and provide resources to communities that need them most. Homegrown volunteers supplement and enrich these community investments. Last year, more than 20,000 FedEx team members dedicated more than 111,000 hours to more than 775 projects as part of our FedEx Cares program.

“The People First” — A Unique Leadership Style at FedEx Freight

Sustaining people and places: Sustainability at FedEx goes beyond our operations and supply chain. We engage our team members and nonprofit collaborators locally and globally to build more sustainable, resilient communities. Through EarthSmart Outreach, we encourage team members across the United States to lend their time and talents to local environmental volunteer projects.

  1. FedEx Express needs to balance the workload for analysts planning the courier routes. FedEx Express needs to match aircraft with flight schedule.
  2. Work must be grouped into shifts for full-time and part-time work.
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  4. The distance to begin each route as well, as return to building for each route must be determined.

Our volunteers work with community nonprofits on projects that restore natural habitats, including planting trees and restoring landscapes. FedEx is committed to connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully. Mindful of our footprint, we deliver industry-leading innovation to reduce our environmental impact.

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Doug Shaw, a B-757 Sr. FedEx has a longstanding commitment to diversity, both in the workplace and in the global communities we serve.

  1. A heuristic-based vehicle routing approach is used to solve this problem. FedEx Express has a group of analysts that design the delivery and pickup routes for the couriers.
  2. FedEx Express must invest in aircraft and facilities.
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  4. There are 664 aircraft and more than 80,000 vehicles moving eight million packages a day.

FedEx continues to be a leader in diversity recruiting and hiring. In addition, the company is constantly searching out ways to expand its support of diversity efforts for current employees.

FedEx Attributes Success to People-First Philosophy

Other longstanding initiatives include: FedEx Ground has formal and informal augmented leadership development programs specifically developed for women and minorities. There are three-step programs for both groups that begin with two-day symposiums and end with 11 month intensive leadership cohorts.

Quality Driven Management

Throughout the network, employees participating in these programs pay it forward by hosting forums and educational events that encourage employees to own their development and inspire them to work towards higher leadership levels.