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A biography of andrew jackson a president of the united states

Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States. March 15, 1767 in Waxhaw, South Carolina Died: June 8, 1845 at the Hermitage near Nashville, Tennessee Married: What is Andrew Jackson most known for? Andrew Jackson is most famous for being considered the first "common man" to become president.

Andrew Jackson Biography: Seventh President of the United States

He also made changes to the way the presidency was run. Prior to becoming president he was known as a war hero from the War of 1812. Growing Up Andrew's life started out difficult. His parents were poor immigrants from Ireland and his father died just a few weeks before Andrew was born.

Despite not having much of a formal education, Andrew was smart and learned to read at a young age. When Andrew turned ten, the Revolutionary War had begun.

His two older brothers both joined the army and Andrew became a messenger for the local militia when he turned 13.

Andrew Jackson’s Early Life

Both of his older brothers died in the war. Andrew survived, but had some harrowing experiences including being captured by British soldiers and receiving a scar across his face from the sword of a British officer. He started up a cotton plantation called the Hermitage which would eventually grow to over 1000 acres.

In 1796 Jackson became Tennessee's first member of the U. He would also serve as Senator for Tennessee. The War of 1812 It was during the War of 1812 that Jackson gained national fame which would later help him to become president. Jackson was appointed leader and General of the Tennessee militia.

  1. Clay, as speaker of the House, was in a strategic and perhaps decisive position to determine the outcome, and he threw his support to Adams, who was elected on the first ballot. The appropriation that Jackson obtained for this work included a sum for refurbishing the interior of the building, and the public rooms were refitted on a grand scale.
  2. Eventually, Calhoun resigned and Jackson called for new tariff revisions, while officially declaring the nullification a violation of the Constitution. After the declaration of war, in June 1812, Jackson offered his services and those of his militia to the United States.
  3. The War of 1812 It was during the War of 1812 that Jackson gained national fame which would later help him to become president.
  4. They were, however, punished harshly for misdemeanor offenses and Jackson was notorious for his violent temper.

He led them to several victories. When the British were expected to attack New Orleans, Jackson was put in charge.

With 5,000 men he soundly defeated 7,500 British soldiers. The British had over 2,000 casualties while Jackson's army only suffered around 70. During the Battle of New Orleans, the U. This became his nickname. Elected President Jackson first ran for president in 1824. He lost the election to John Quincy Adams despite receiving more votes in the election.

This was because no candidate received a majority of votes, leaving Congress to decide who would be president.

In 1828 Jackson ran again. This time he won the election, despite his opponents attacking him in many personal ways including attacks on his wife, Rachel.


Rachel died a few weeks before Jackson's inauguration and he blamed her death partially on his opponent's accusations. Andrew Jackson's Presidency After becoming president Jackson assumed more power than any president before him. Some people even gave him the nickname "King Andrew". Some of these changes, like hiring and firing cabinet members, are still used by presidents today. Jackson wanted a small, but strong federal government.

He fought against the national bank saying that it helped the rich and hurt the poor.

  1. He also made changes to the way the presidency was run.
  2. He entrusted the command of the troops in the field to subordinates while he retired to his home at the Hermitage, near Nashville.
  3. Jackson wanted a small, but strong federal government. Jackson, though considered a hero in many parts of the country for this action, was severely criticized by Congress.

He also insisted that states were required to follow federal laws. How did he die? Jackson died at his plantation, The Hermitage, at the age of 78.

Andrew Jackson by Ralph E. Jackson was in a number of gun duels. In one duel he was shot in the chest first, but managed to stay standing and shoot and kill his opponent.

Andrew Jackson

The bullet could not be safely removed and remained in his chest for the next 40 years. Jackson is the only president to have been a prisoner of war.

An assassin once tried to shoot Jackson with two pistols. Lucky for Jackson both pistols misfired. The assassin was captured and Jackson was fine.

Upon leaving the presidency, Jackson said he had two regrets: Clay was a political rival while Calhoun was his first vice president who proved disloyal to Jackson. Activities Take a ten question quiz about this page. Listen to a recorded reading of this page: Your browser does not support the audio element.