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An argument in favor and against keeping animals in zoos

Suddenly, it became one of my most read articles. Common Problems With Zoos 1. Yep, captivity is certainly cruel to an extent. But for me it depends greatly on scale, and how well you can replicate the natural environment. It depends, I suppose, which you think is worse: But by far the biggest group, is the grey area in between.

Arguments for and Against Keeping Animals in Zoos

Now the difference between the good zoos and bad, is that good zoos work harder and harder towards making those experiences educational — or at least they say they do. Zoos deliver what the public wants. So the best way to influence the zoo experience is to be a discerning customer.

People go to see animals. So the bigger the enclosure, the harder it is for those exhibits to be seen.

Big animals draw in visitors. Zoo keepers are cruel.

Animals in zoo

Yet the stories come up again and again. In my experience, zoo keepers have been some of the most passionate conservationists I know.

If you want to see animals, you should go see them in the wild. Does seeing animals in a zoo, make you more engaged with conservation in the wild? If you want to see the biggest most exciting mammals, then you really should go to the wild — your experience would be all the richer for it. Put it this way, would you rather see a caged tiger a dozen times in your life, or just once, wild, after a long arduous journey in the breathtakingly beautiful Ranthambore wetlands with the birds singing and sun setting.

Discuss some of the arguments for and against keeping animals in zoos.

Visiting a zoo should support conservation not just in captivity, but in the wild — and it should be crystal clear. The good news is that many zoos are doing this already, but perhaps it slips under the radar for the casual visitor.

But is it enough? The jist of which is: A little note about branding and hypocrisy…. Whilst I often hear people lambasting zoos, animal sanctuaries seem to be the greatest thing since slices bread.

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