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An overview of the burning of the bruin

Tweet Students watched their phones intensely the week before fall-quarter finals, looking to a stream of sporadic BruinAlerts to gauge the safety of the campus amid the raging Skirball fire. We have yet to receive a response from the Academic Senate about how they have enforced academic policies in times of emergency.

There should never have been such a degree of chaos and confusion in the wake of a foreseeable emergency, such as a fire in drought-stricken southern California. AAC demands UCLA convene the Campus Safety Task Force, which was created after the June 1, 2016 shooting to make recommendations to improve campus safety, create an ad hoc committee on emergency preparedness.

  1. The Bruins have already vowed to put this game behind them as they jet to Chicago for Game 5 on Saturday, and that is a sound strategy.
  2. Students should never have to choose between their health and a grade.
  3. You remember the layers, right?

This committee should be charged with focusing specifically on natural disaster preparedness and creating an academic contingency plan. With inconsistent information being distributed on the UCLA channels, faculty and students were unsure about what was happening while a fire was so close to campus.

Administrators sent a message at 5 p. UCLA told students there would be no class Dec. Moreover, the midnight alert did not provide adequate prior notice to students who were dealing with both an emergency situation as well as the stress of studying for finals. The decision to cancel afternoon and evening classes on Dec. Even though classes were canceled on Dec.

  • We know the skill he has; we just need a little more structure;
  • The Bruins started out quickly, scoring two goals in the first before adding a short-handed goal from Chris Wagner in the second and an early third-period goal to put them up 4-0;
  • It's a 2-2 series;
  • The Bruins could have seized control of their destiny on Wednesday night, but they didn't.

This practice, however, disadvantages those who could not make it to campus and implied a clear disregard for academic equity and accessibility at a critical point in the quarter.

It is understandable the administration wanted to make faculty accessible to students who were present or near campus, but there are online platforms, such as Zoom on CCLE, which are more accessible than physically coming to campus, that the university could have leveraged. Staff and employees had it even worse than students. While the administration decided to eventually cancel classes, staff members were still told to come to campus or use sick days if they could not attend work.

Bruins burned by Blackhawks

All personnel need to be given the same rights as students to protect their own health and wellbeing without sacrificing their job security. The university needs to create an emergency preparedness ad hoc team and protocols that reflect the needs of the student body and staff.

Neely: Bruins don't plan on burning first year off McAvoy's deal

No member of our community should be put at risk due to questionable environmental conditions, and UCLA must use its institutional clout to ensure academic equity even in emergency situations — especially when we have the tools to do so.

That also means creating a centralized communication system between students, faculty and staff that is accessible to parents and those with disabilities, such as including an audible alert.

Students should never have to choose between their health and a grade. And employees should never have to choose between their safety and job security. Comments are supposed to create a forum for thoughtful, respectful community discussion.

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  • The Bruins have already vowed to put this game behind them as they jet to Chicago for Game 5 on Saturday, and that is a sound strategy;
  • While McAvoy will likely not play in Boston this season, the Bruins did agree to burn the first season off fellow Boston University product Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson's entry level deal;
  • Lee Stempniak led the way with a goal and two assists;
  • Red Wings, 7 p;
  • Krejci might have been whistled for the penalty, but it was Lucic who was truly on the hook;
  • For one thing, dwelling on their mistakes would be too time-consuming, because they happened in bulk, some more glaring than others.