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Btec level 3 unit 19 developing teams in business

We are exposed to marketing communications many times every day and they have become part of our environment. Within the marketing mix, the promotional aspects are concerned with this communication between the customer and the producer. This unit introduces you to the basic concepts which are applied in the promotions industry.

  1. The monitor evaluator is about making impartial judgements to be able to make the team improve. The one thing I can say I one member of my team was hardly ever around to understand what was going on and when he did come in he would be confused so I would say if were to get into a team with him again that he should make more of an effort to be involved and devoted to the work.
  2. What do you really think about the effectiveness of the campaigns you have seen?
  3. When my team felt pressured I was there to calm them down and a sure them that everything will go as planned. Essay on btec business level 3 unit d1 example business level 3 unit 19 m1 m2 d1 essay btec business level 3 essay m2 unit 37.

Effective marketing communication and promotion depend on the understanding of customer behaviour, as well as being able to design promotional campaigns to achieve certain long or short term business objectives. Modern information and communications technologies have had, and continue to have, a huge impact on this aspect of marketing and you will explore current promotional campaigns, using some of the concepts included in this unit.

You will have the opportunity to consider different ways of promoting products, introducing the promotional mix at a simple level. The role of advertising agencies and the media is also explored, along with the role of the internet.

Btec level 3 unit 19 developing teams in business

The choice of media, message and methods, in relation to objectives and constraints, is examined. You will apply the theory by designing a promotional campaign for a selected product to meet the needs of a given campaign or creative brief. This unit gives you the opportunity to view familiar images and experiences through informed and analytical eyes.

  1. How the team has performed - including performance indicators, targets and reviews of performance team cohesion team leadership conclude by stating why you.
  2. As team leader I know that sometimes conflict helps the better of the teams performance without it escalating to something else that may not be as controllable.
  3. You should also demonstrate some idea of expected gains in product sales or service uptake resulting from the promotional campaign. Is there evidence it is successful, or not?
  4. But I did not mind them having small debates on what they thought will benefit the groups performance as long as we came to a conclusion at the end. In my team there was not conflict or arguments are we all had the same goals and had the drive to succeed.
  5. They were in charge of when the team is in risk of getting distracted they had to make sure they remind the team members of what their objective was. The team workers were the ones who helped the team stay together and strong and also identify the work that needed to be done.

Aims of the unit: They operate a 5. In order to revitalize their Promotional Campaign, they have asked for your help. You will then devise a promotional campaign for Ngong Ping 360. Your contact, Trish, at Ngong Ping 360 is interested in your opinion on other successful promotional campaigns and has asked you to research and report back on the promotion at popular attractions, Disney Land and Ocean Park. You must collect evidence of the different types of promotion used by the two organisations and consider the reasons behind this choice of promotion and whether you feel that it is effective in its objectives.

Btec level 3 unit 19 developing teams in business

Task 1 Create a presentation to share with your class. This should be based on the investigation you conducted into Disney Land and Ocean Park.

In your presentation include; - A description in your own words what you understand by the promotional mix. P1 - Examples of the promotions used by Ocean Park and Disney to promote their products P1 The following all need to be covered: Also, you can look at strap-lines, colours, logos, links between and method and the product and then explain how it links with website, shop etc.

M1 In other words you need to describe how through promotion they meet the extended marketing mix for both businesses. Does this fit with the overall marketing mix?

M1 Task 2 By now you should have a good idea about various different methods that a business can use in their promotional mix.

What do you really think about the effectiveness of the campaigns you have seen? D1 evaluate and justify the use of an appropriate promotional mix in relation to marketing objectives for Ocean Park. Evaluation is about considering the advantages and disadvantages of the decisions that were made and drawing your own conclusions as a result of this analysis.

Level 3 business unit 19 M1 M2

To pass D1 you will need to provide a detailed justification for each decision you discussed in task 1 as well as suggestions as to how you could improve the campaign under different circumstances e. You should also demonstrate some idea of expected gains in product sales or service uptake resulting from the promotional campaign. You should balance this against approximate costs so that the project may be evaluated as a success or failure.

Tips Get into the mind of the marketing team. Why did they choose each method and the way they did it?

Is each part successful? Is there evidence it is successful, or not? If so quote and reference the evidence. And justify say why you think that. You should have some idea of expected gains in product sales or service uptake resulting from their campaign 2.

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Look at the areas they are not good at i. Perhaps they could spend less money and target it in areas they are not so well known in. Haribo could have a top sportsperson e. Mo Farah in their adverts because that would suggest that they give the sort of energy that is required to run long distances. You have decided to put together a brochure for Trish to keep and share with the rest of her team.

You can use the links below to research some examples of agencies.