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North america weight loss obesity management market

According to the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation, 30.

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The overweight and obese population reports a high prevalence of chronic diseases including hypertension, diabetes, and orthopedic diseases. Thus, growing number of obese and overweight population is driving the growth. In addition, increasingly hectic routine and the growing stress are causing people to consume fast food, which is leading to untoward health effects. Thus, all these factors together are fueling the growth.

Japan weight management market, by diet, 2014-2025 USD Billion Globalization and digitalization is ensuring easier access to information about the repercussions of being overweight. Diet Insights The market is segmented into diet, equipment, and services. Diet includes meals, beverages, and supplements. Diet is gaining popularity as a solution for weight loss and management in developed as well as in developing countries.

Meals containing the right amount of proteins, fibers, and lesser amount of carbohydrates are considered as an effective weight management method. Beverages including green tea and sliming waters containing catechins and antioxidants help in improving the metabolism of the body, thereby contributing to reduction of stubborn fat.

Easy availability and high acceptance of this segment drives the growth of beverage market.

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The supplements segment consists of protein mix, herbal powders, tablets, and capsules. This segment is gaining popularity in the market due to ease in availability and effectiveness of supplements, thereby driving the growth of this segment.

Equipment Insights The equipment used for weight loss and management include fitness and surgical equipment. The fitness equipment accounts for the largest share of the market. This equipment includes cardiovascular training equipment, strength-training equipment, and other fitness monitoring equipment.

North America Weight Loss/Obesity Management Market worth $139.5 Billion By 2017

This equipment is easily available and have gained high popularity amongst the young population for losing extra kilos. The surgical equipment is expected to be the fastest growing segment over the forecast period. Minimally invasive surgical equipment includes equipment such as liposuction procedures and bariatric procedural equipment. In addition, the industry is driven by evolution and adoption of noninvasive surgical equipment including intragastric balloon system, endobarriers, and other implants, thereby making the weight loss and management procedures safe and effective.

Consulting services include consultation for diet, exercise, and behavioral therapy from dieticians, nutritionists, and bariatric physicians for treating obesity. In addition, online weight loss programs are trending, which have gained high acceptance.

Thus, this segment is anticipated to grow over the forecast period.

In addition, a paradigm shift toward minimally invasive procedures and noninvasive procedures is propelling the growth of the North American weight management industry. The Asia Pacific region is expected to account for the fastest growth during the forecast period.

Factors responsible for this significant growth is the rising awareness of available alternatives for weight loss and management. These companies hold a strong position globally, mainly due to lesser availability of commercial products and services associated with a strong brand name.