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The causes and effects of religious terrorism

Religious terrorism

Benefits to the community Benefits to the state state that provide suicide terrorist to gain political goals If we look at the benefits and motivations that drag someone to become a suicide bomber, we can understand that the religious motivations are greater than the political or economic motivations.

Terrorist organisations consider suicidal mission as a successful tool to easily gain its political goal.

Edited by Célestin Monga and Justin Yifu Lin

Through suicidal missions they can create a fear and anxiety in the victim nation and this pressurises the state to take weak action which means that terrorist organisations attain the political ends.

Terrorist organisations always use suicide tool to carry out suicide attack because they prefer death than to life and being a martyr is their religious motivation.

According to the Hezbollah leader Hasan Nasrallah: We are going to win because they love life and we love death Dr Ganor explained this situation very well and he stated: They believe that whoever becomes Shaheed by committing suicide tactic will go to Jannah paradise.

Terror: Can We Blame Religion?

According to Dr Ganor: These decisions represent an optimal strategy to attain the social—political goals of these perpetrators. Terrorism might not represent pathological or illogical behavior but could represent the best means to fulfill personal needs in some circumstances.

Definition of Terrorism – Social and Political Effects

I believe that terrorists are quite rational and simply by considering how much time they spend on planning. This is why, I believe terrorist are rational beings. They believe it is a part of a mechanism that is linked to some ideological ideas.

Suicide Terrorism is a rational behavior, making suicide bombers rational actors who kill others to achieve certain goals. From the Social psychological approach, there is more or less consensus that they are not mentally unbalanced.

According to Jerrold M Post: Terrorists are not depressed and not severely emotionally disturbed, nor are they crazed fanatics. In fact, terrorist groups and organizations regularly weed out emotionally unstable individuals as they represent a security risk The terrorists think about costs and benefits and consider that violence is the best way to elevate their cause.

The Causes and Consequences of Terrorism in Africa

The effects of suicide terrorism are very intense for the entire nation of the victim country. People not only suffer from different types of fear and anxiety, but the psychologically effect of terrorism remain in the country for a long time.

There are many types of effects which completely ruin the lives of victims of terrorism. Here are some of them: