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The inception and membership of the european union

France 14 Sep 2009 Robert Schuman, the French Foreign Minister, proposes that France, Germany and any other European country wishing to join pool coal and steel resources.

European Union

Robert Schuman is elected President of the Assembly. Calls for major changes in the Common Agricultural Policy CAP"fairer methods of financing the Community budget" and solutions to monetary problems.

British referendum shows 67. ERM gives national currencies a central exchange rate against the Ecu.

Greece becomes 10th member of the European Community. European Council in Fontainebleau agrees on the amount of rebate to be granted to the UK.

Spain and Portugal join the Community. Single European Act signed, aiming to create a Single Market by 1992, and reforming the legislative process to speed this up.

The State of the European Union

Maastricht Treaty on the European Union is signed, leading to creation of the euro, and the "pillar" structure of the European Union: Austria, Finland and Sweden join the Union, bringing membership to 15. The UK and Ireland stay out of the agreement due to fears of terrorism and illegal immigration. Danes vote against joining the single currency. Treaty of Nice signed, reforming the institutional structure of the European Union to allow for eastward expansion. Irish vote against the Treaty of Nice in a referendum.

Timeline: history of the European Union

French voters reject ratification of the European Constitutional Treaty. Dutch voters reject ratification of the Treaty. Bulgaria and Romania join the EU, bringing membership to 27.

  1. It also required that governments eliminate national regulations favouring domestic industries and cooperate in areas in which they traditionally had acted independently, such as international trade i.
  2. A more detailed look at the individual fields of spending by the European Union will follow in a map feature on this website published next week.
  3. A week after the Irish vote, Poland completed its ratification of the treaty as well.
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  5. Qualified majority voting in the Council of Ministers was extended to several new areas. The president of the council, whose office rotates among council members every six months, manages the legislative agenda.

European Parliament elections, the biggest transnational elections in history, with 736 MEPs elected to represent 500 million Europeans October 2: Irish vote again on Lisbon.