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The issue of human trafficking and slave trade

Over the course of 260 years, slave traders forcibly removed 24 million people from their homes in Africa to live out the rest of their lives in slavery.

Slave trade and Human Trafficking

But the harsh truth is that a different kind of slavery, human trafficking, still exists around the world, in the U. Robin McNeal, teen advocate at Turning Point in Marion, lists human trafficking as one of the issues she is most passionate about.


Among these 40 million, 25 percent were children under the age of 18, and 71 percent were women. The numbers are obviously appalling, but for many, human trafficking still seems like a far-away issue.

Human trafficking: Modern day slavery

Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Nevertheless, human trafficking is a significant presence in our state. As a result of this program, 146 juveniles were identified as being high-risk for human trafficking.

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery

DeWine believes that this program is a step in the right direction and hopes to implement more specialized law enforcement training in the future. Robin McNeal says that preventative initiatives like this one are especially important in the fight against human trafficking.

  • The scope of contemporary human trafficking is not known;
  • It works to delay or prevent questions regarding the methodologies proposed or used to combat modern trafficking;
  • There is always help, and there is always hope This entry was posted in News;
  • Proper resource allocation should be a true reflection of our national priorities and expenditures should signal our resolve on this issue;
  • He said a solid legal framework already is in place, including the U;
  • No borders But trafficking can happen far from conflict zones, as well.

Just as it does every year, the recent Super Bowl brought considerable media attention to human trafficking. Lauren Martin, who is nationally recognized for her work and research in the area of human trafficking, says that making this association can actually be somewhat harmful as it detracts from the fact that this is an issue that affects victims 365 days a year and not only during the Super Bowl. The Arnold attracts over 50,000 attendees annually, and each year anti-trafficking groups team up with law enforcement to anticipate this spike.

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Of course, there is always hope. Aside from the initiatives previously listed, there are many national and local organizations working to prevent human trafficking and offer assistance to victims. Another unique initiative is the S.

In addition to the millions of bars of soap they distribute, S. Anyone can help fight human trafficking.

UN: Conflict, Poverty Fuel $150-Billion Modern Slave Trade

The most important thing an individual can do is knowing how to identify the signs. Human traffickers often seek out victims in places that are busy and public such as school campuses, malls, bus stops, parties, and other social hangouts. In addition to knowing the indicators, if you would like to volunteer to help put an end to human trafficking, visit www.

There is always help, and there is always hope This entry was posted in News.